Catherine Snyder


I began my interest in art as a young girl, doing clothing design and playing with colorful fabrics. Later in life, after pursuing my business career for 35 years, I had a clear vision that I wanted to paint pastels. Why? Because of the vibrant colors and interesting mark-making that fascinated me. After I retired I went to Medallion Art School in Vancouver to learn the basics of drawing and went through to working with charcoal there. After that I “self taught” in pastel work for a few months until I met a wonderful pastel artist in Hood River, Karen Watson. Karen has been my mentor for nearly 3 years I have also studied with Liz Haywood Sullivan, Brenda Boylan, and Marla Bagetta, all professional pastelists and extremely gifted artists.

I was unanimously juried into GALLERY 360, in Vancouver WA, in 2014 and have continued to work on my skills. I love this work and continue to learn new applications and challenge my color consciousness. Everything I produce is different as my “eye” continues to evolve.

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