Deborah Fay Morales

Unicorns and dragons and elves, oh my! I have been portraying this fantastic world since I was a child. I am self-taught, if that is correct terminology. My favorite mediums are opposites of each other, pen and ink, and acrylics. With a Rapidograph pen I have to be patient and detail-oriented, taking several weeks to finish a drawing…..With acrylics I can complete a painting in a single day.

Fantasy is a genre that requires an overactive imagination and persistence. I can paint and draw birds and landscapes like all other artists, but I just can’t resist adding the elves and unicorns and the eyes in the woods.

I dabble and experiment with other genres and mediums but always come back to the Fantasy Realm. There will always be a dragon on my art table or some fairy tale creature waiting its turn to come to life.

I am very grateful to have found a home for my art here at Gallery 360!

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