John Turley

I owe a great deal of my success as an artist to my mother. Instead of store bought coloring books she put crayons and paper in my hands when I was only a toddler. As a result I learned to draw and interpret what I saw instead of what someone else thought I should see.

To this day I like to work out my thoughts and experiences visually on paper, canvas or any surface that lends itself to visually recording moments and objects I want to remember or share. While some keep written journals of their thoughts and experiences, my paintings are my journals.

I was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, and received a Masters degree in Art and Education from Illinois State University. I taught art in Illinois for 10 years and in Oregon for 23 years. I have exhibited my work in galleries and venues in the Northwest and the Midwest. I am a member of several art organizations in Vancouver as well as a member of Gallery 360 and Mosaic Arts Alliance

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