Raymond J. Klein

For Ray Klein, finding his dad’s folding Kodak camera at age twelve was the first stepping stone to an adventure that continues to this day.  Serving four years, beginning in 1952, as a photographer in the United States Air Force.  Then, in 1956, working at Cape Canaveral with the Martin Aircraft Co. in Florida.  There he began developing lighting techniques that would allow him to be in demand as a key image producer for the company.  He began his career as a commercial photographer by creating a portfolio that compelled him to elect the medium of advertising imagery in Chicago by 1959.  Experimenting at trick lighting effects in the studio led him to develop a series of dynamic images seen in many advertisements.  Moving to Vancouver, Washington after retiring in 1994, he continued to pursue creating photography, with his experimentation juried into exhibits at local art galleries.  His images can be seen at www.gallery360.org in the column of artists at the Gallery 360 website.

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